Reduce business risk and improve your business agility

IT People provides re-platforming services that help you move away from expensive, legacy platforms and decrease support & maintenance costs. We help you move away from legacy applications that are tightly coupled and hampering business agility.

We cover all re-platforming scenarios that arise out of infrastructure optimization, infrastructure virtualization, datacenter consolidation, datacenter migration, cloud adoption, cloud migration.

We apply a strong re-platforming methodology that is supported by:

  • Our proven complexity determination framework,estimation model
  • Our ISO 9001:2008, CMMI Level 3 certified project scheduling & project delivery processes

IT People Re-platforming Services

OS modernization

  • Windows 2003 to 2008/2012
  • *NIX to Windows
  • *NIX to Linux
  • Windows to Linux
  • z/OS to Windows
  • z/OS to Linux
  • To VMWare VDI
  • To Citrix VDI
  • To AWS, OpenStack
  • To Azure

Custom applications

  • Microsoft applications (.NET, SharePoint)
  • Java based applications
  • Open source applications
  • E-Commerce applications
  • Content Management applications
  • Mobile applications
  • * to Microsoft
  • * to Java
  • * to Open source


  • Legacy to Microsoft middleware
  • Legacy to Java based middleware
  • Microsoft middleware to Java based middleware
  • Java based middleware to Microsoft middleware
  • Legacy Microsoft to Microsoft
  • Legacy Java to Java

COTS products

  • ERP applications (on-premise, SaaS)
  • CRM applications (on-premise, Saas)
  • Microsoft COTS applications (Exchange, Office 365, AD/IAM etc)


  • * to SQLServer
  • * to MySQL
  • * to Oracle
  • * to NOSQL Databases