At IT People, we know that IT environments can become complicated and inefficient. We also recognize that technology is moving fast and, for you to stay competitive and grow, IT transformation is essential. How do you get the most out of your current IT investment while evolving your infrastructure to be more agile and effective?

The IT People consulting practice can help you realize business value and service excellence from your IT investments, including people, processes and technology. Whether you need to replace a single system or implement a full IT transformation, let us help you take the right steps to a modern IT infrastructure.

IT People principal consultants are IT experts with more than 20 years of industry experience. Our expertise spans the architectures, systems and the modern technologies that can transform an IT department and business, like virtualized architectures, cloud computing and Big Data.

We also have great expertise in the operational aspects of IT, from project management to processes and workflows to management systems to workforce models. We are ready to help companies go through their technology transformation.

BlockChain Services

IT People is a pioneer in driving business adoption of blockchain technologies across industries. Our Blockchain Services team provides valuable services to key players in the blockchain ecosystem including infrastructure builders, decentralized application developers, and enterprises.

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DevOps Services

DevOps is a movement that evolved from the ground up because of the need to have a better handoff and collaboration between development teams and operations. At IT People, we look at the end-to-end software delivery process holistically.

The first stage of DevOps is to review the software delivery processes, improve the efficiency, reduce waste and automate as much of the hand-offs between various phases. At this stage we review opportunities for continuous integration, testing, build and release.

The second stage of DevOps is to review the infrastructure provisioning and configuration process. We help our customers to review the process and gaps for acquiring and provisioning the development, lab, test and production environments. We make recommendations to identify the best solutions in this space based on customer usecases, and help implement solutions such as Puppet, Ansible or Salt.

The third stage of DevOps is to review the application packaging. One of the key issues during deployment is inconsistencies in the way the application is packaged including versions of the libraries, the databases, operating system etc. By leveraging containers we can resolve such issues. IT People helps customers to implement container technologies such as Docker and manage them via tools such as Kubernetes and Openshift.

IT People DevOps Services can help companies to build internal DevOps capabilities through a phased approach.

Big Data and Analytics

The business intelligence available to enterprises today is a highly strategic asset that can help organizations to be more competitive and grow. However, many organizations’ existing information management architectures and technologies are simply not equipped to handle the storing, processing and reporting requirements for today’s Big Data, especially considering that so much important data is generated outside the company now.

Big Data analytics (and the associated data sciences) is an area that companies must invest in to gain insight about their environment, customers, partners, market strategy and product innovation. IT People can support your Big Data and analytics initiatives by providing strategy, architecture and a phased implementation model.

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Technology Modernization

Modern digital technologies—including cloud computing, virtualization, analytics, mobile and social—are changing the way businesses operate. IT People can help you transition your IT infrastructure to the modern digital world—all while retaining your existing business content. We can help get you ready for newer, open-standard applications and ease adoption. Your end results will be a more efficient, agile and easy-to-use application environment ready to respond to changing business needs and propel company growth.

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IT Optimization

For many IT organizations, effectively incorporating modern technologies into their business seems like a huge challenge because their IT infrastructures have organically grown into massive, highly complex ecosystems. IT People can help you optimize and regain control of your IT infrastructure so that you can reduce the complexity of your systems, realize the full benefit of modern technologies, and become more agile and responsive to business needs.

Some of the benefits we can help you achieve include optimized data centers with simpler resiliency and recovery strategies, IT cost savings through standardization and virtualization, improved service levels and operational capabilities, and better positioning for new applications around Big Data and the Internet of Things.

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Microservices Consulting

Today, organizations are in various phases of adopting the cloud and building cloud native applications. Cloud platforms such as Openstack and public cloud services such as Azure and AWS have attained a certain level of maturity, providing the comfort for adoption. In addition, with devops automation and container technology the approach to building applications requires new thinking. Now, Microservices architecture is the new paradigm for developing highly scalable and modular applications.

Microservices architecture holds the promise of being able to address some of the problems associated with large, complex SOAs as well as the problems found with big, bloated monolithic applications.

IT People have tremendous experience in assisting clients with adopting SOA, assisting clients to decompose monolithic applications into a more distributed architecture, and implementing devops. We now are well positioned to leverage that experience and other related technologies such as containers to help clients with Microservices adoption, architecture and implementation.

IT Operational Excellence and Governance

Operational excellence is essential to improve delivery effectiveness and efficiency. Governance services apply to all aspects of your IT environment, including IT management, service development, enterprise architecture, information management and infrastructure management.

IT People can help you understand best practices when it comes to operational and governance models and examine your resource balance and capability. We can also help you to define how you measure and report your IT performance, thus ensuring IT stays aligned and proactive in support of competitive business environments.

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The IT People Consulting Approach

IT People has developed a generic framework for providing consulting services that has been tested against a number of engagements and proven to be quite effective. The framework is customized to a client’s project before the engagement kicks-off. Our goal is always focused on your end goal, and how to get you there efficiently, whether you are optimizing what you have or transitioning to new systems.