IT People can take the hassle out of managing your IT infrastructure. Our Infrastructure Services consist of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) and Database Administration Services that enable you to offload the maintenance, management and proactive monitoring of critical foundational aspects to us, freeing your team to focus on customer-success-related initiatives.
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Business Benefits

  • Reduced and predictable IT operating costs
  • Improved network reliability and service
  • Decreased downtime and reduced business risk through high system availability and performance that is tracked by industry-standard metrics
  • Control over your IT assets without having to manage IT operations and engineering
  • Healthy IT environment with the latest compliance and governance requirements and industry best practices

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services

Remote Infrastructure Management services provide effective end-to-end management and support of IT assets regardless of their location by proactive and predictive monitoring. 90 to 95 percent of infrastructure issues can be resolved remotely.

IT People’s Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services enable you to retain control of your IT assets, but leave behind the headaches associated with day-to-day IT operations management. With our RIM offering, you won’t have to worry about staffing your own IT team; IT People does this for you.

By leveraging our network, IT People can support all your IT infrastructure management needs remotely. After assessing your IT environment, we will determine which functions can be performed in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Our ability to shift work quickly and uneventfully reduces costs while enhancing productivity and diminishes associated risks.

Beyond pure costs savings, your organization will experience improved service delivery, and monitoring and maintenance for a healthy environment by leveraging the wealth of knowledge and resources that we provide.


System Administration
  • Installation, configuration and security hardening of server operating systems
  • High availability and disaster recovery configuration
  • Back-up and restore services
  • Virtualization
  • Upgrades
  • Patches
  • Service packs
Network Administration
  • Configuration of routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers
  • Network security analysis
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Traffic management

Database Administration (DBA) Services

Until recently, outsourcing administration of a business database was unthinkable. Enterprise IT organizations around the globe felt they wouldn’t be able to receive the kind of care, security and customization that in-house administrators could provide. Therefore, the only database administration (DBA) services that companies were willing to outsource were tactical rather than strategic in nature. Today, with the advent of cloud computing and more reliable security options, this trend has changed.

IT People can act as an extension of your IT department, taking care of routine database monitoring and management around the clock – freeing up your IT staff to focus on higher-value projects. By proactively monitoring and maintaining your databases, we can help you avoid many technology problems in the first place.

Our Database Administration Services are not like a traditional outsourcing operation where you surrender complete control of your DBA assets. Instead, you define what you want us to manage.

You retain full visibility into the process and management of your databases. Here are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your database administration with us:

  • Partnership: We do whatever it takes to meet your strategic goals
  • Small, lean and agile: Our engagement model makes working with us simple and easy. We will respond quickly to your dynamic project needs
  • Skilled resources: We employ highly experienced IT personnel, proficient in both current and evolving technologies
  • High value; fair cost: Our costs and value are extremely competitive compared to other large, medium and off-shore firms
  • Flexible delivery models: We offer on-site, near-shore and hybrid approaches


DBA Services
  • Installation of database server and application tools
  • Database clustering and replication
  • Upgrade and patch management
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Database security
  • Access control
Supported Databases
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Sybase
  • NoSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Berkeley DB
  • SQL Server