Power your Digital Transformation with Omnichannel Commerce

In today’s digitally connected world, smart organizations realize that shifting their business model and embarking on a Digital Transformation journey is very critical to remain relevant and competitive. This inherently means delivering an entirely new customer experience through Omnichannel Commerce.

Omnichannel commerce means providing customers a seamless shopping experience whether
the customer is shopping by telephone or in store or online thru a desktop or online thru a
mobile device. This requires Organizations to have true integration between channels on the

Omnichannel commerce enables businesses to target and engage with customers better
wherever they are. It helps businesses to provide a consistent, contextualized experience that
follows them at every step of their shopping/purchasing journey.

IT People Omnichannel Commerce Services using Hybris

  • B2C Commerce – Deliver exceptional shopping experience by integrating digital & physical touchpoints, providing targeted, contextual recommendations
  • B2B Commerce – Deliver personalized buying experience by integrating seamlessly with back-end systems, provide personalized product recommendations and multiple fulfillment options
  • Product Content Management – Provide ability to have business and product content in one place and launch new products to market rapidly
  • Order Management – Provide a great ordering experience to Customers, with flexible pick-up and fulfillment options across all channels
  • Billing – Provide ability to rapidly launch customer-centric subscription offers, exploit fast-moving market opportunities by quickly changing customer pricing and partner revenue-sharing models

IT People Hybris Experience

B2C, B2B platform for a leading global Hi-Tech Manufacturing Company

IT People helped a leading global Hi-tech manufacturer to re-vamp their E-Commerce platform thus improving buying experience for their B2C customers and purchasing experience for their B2B customers. Our team worked along with the customer’s team in a distributed agile set-up. We have helped the customer successfully roll-out B2C and B2B sites for Australia & New Zealand. Some of the critical functionalities we have handled are Deals, Products Listing, News module, Products comparison, Site Map.

B2B platform for a Distribution giant in the US

As a part of this implementation, our Consultants have implemented key functionalities such as product search, intelligent offer recommendations, order management, SAP integration for real-time pricing & order processing, shopping cart, checkout and payment. Our Consultants also played a critical role in implementing functionalities such as ePro Punchout, Webtrends integration, Paymetrics integration, SOLR integration, hot folder data load.