Stop Integrating. Start Collaborating.

Technologies of the 90’s and 2000’s eased cross-enterprise integration, but those approaches required each party to implement their own process logic and maintain their own transaction data. The need to reconcile logic and data across enterprises made B2B integrations costly to implement and operate.

Blockchain technology is typically associated with financial asset trading, but we see a much larger opportunity. Blockchain technology can be used to strip away the complexity of legacy business integration models used in many processes.

With blockchain, businesses don’t integrate different processes. Instead, they implement shared processes and transaction logic just once. Then they securely share the same data about each interaction. Blockchain technology enables businesses to work with their customers, suppliers, and partners more efficiently than ever.

Blockchain changes complex business integrations into streamlined business collaborations. When enterprises interact using the exact same logic and data they reduce friction and costs. They say goodbye to time consuming transaction reconciliation and dispute resolution.


We Maximize Blockchain Value For Enterprises

Enterprises are exploring new ways to work with their suppliers, customers, and, in some cases, even their competitors using blockchain-based business networks. They need to understand the new opportunities and threats that emerge as a result of the new models blockchain enables. IT People’s blockchain consulting team provides needed guidance and skills through our complete set of services including:

  • Value Discovery Workshops
  • Proof of Concept Development
  • Enterprise Blockchain Strategy Definition
  • Blockchain Solution Development
  • Blockchain to Back Office Integration
  • Blockchain Business Network Operations

In areas as diverse as financial asset trading, supply chains, health records, and connected smart devices, IT People’s blockchain consulting team is turning blockchain potential into real business results.

We Focus on Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Technology

Businesses need blockchain infrastructure designed to meet their requirements for privacy, compliance, and performance. Every day, IT People’s team helps advance Hyperledger Fabric, the leading open source blockchain designed to meet enterprise requirements. Our architects, developers, security researchers, performance analysts, test engineers, and devops experts are solidifying the foundation on which the leading enterprise blockchain solutions are built.

IBM has a growing suite of blockchain solutions built on the open source Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure. Nobody outside of IBM has more experts on IBM Blockchain technology than IT People. This includes architects and developers who help our clients quicky stand up blockchain networks using IBM’s Blockchain-as-a-Service on BlueMix and deploy production networks on the world’s most secure blockchain nodes running on IBM’s High Security Business Network technology.


Blockchain solutions set a new standard by offering simplified integration and more real-time information than prior options like VANs, GDS services, and cloud hubs… all without having to pay and trust a third party.



30 Days to Blockchain? Yes. Really!

IT People’s position as early leaders in enterprise blockchain implementation has allowed our blockchain consulting team to build a growing set of solution accelerators. We’ve identified, developed, and tested the common building blocks needed in most blockchain projects. Our accelerators include a solution for secure and resilient off-chain document management, a configurable state tracking engine for physical and virtual assets, a framework for self-managed identity, and interfaces to common enterprise messaging systems.

IT People’s blockchain consulting team’s accelerators allow us go from concept to complete proof in as little as six weeks. This includes a discovery workshop, solution design, development, and testing. Our team uses agile practices to quickly build an initial solution that can form the foundation of a full-scale enterprise business network.

Do you have a business integration project you need implemented using the most efficient technology available that also minimizes operational costs? Contact us for more details on how a blockchain-based solution can help.