IT executives are faced with the challenge of ever-increasing operational costs from legacy systems and finding skilled resources to support legacy systems, while at the same time they are being asked to meet emerging business priorities. The reality is that legacy applications run large portions of a corporation’s business-critical functions and organizations can feel stuck; however, the other reality is that businesses that are transforming their IT infrastructure are becoming more competitive and agile.

IT People can help you adapt, supplement, and migrate your restrictive, cumbersome legacy application systems from the ground up—all while retaining your existing business content. We can help you understand the benefits of newer, open-standard applications and ease adoption. Your end results will be a more efficient, agile and easy-to-use application environment ready to respond to changing business needs and propel company growth.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced complexity of legacy systems through simplified IT portfolio and service orientation
  • Enhanced capabilities, usability and functionality from modern applications, databases, languages and tools, including web and remote access
  • Application life extension to include enhancements and broader integration with partners and customers
  • Preserved investment in core business processes and valuable intellectual property contained in logic and business rules
  • Improved Information architecture to support broad business agility
  • Established foundation for future extensions into cloud, Internet of Things, and data analytics
  • Reduced ongoing operational costs of maintaining legacy assets and resources, putting focus on strategic investments

How We Can Help Modernize – The Solution Stack


  • Migrate green screens using modern widgets or web interfaces
  • Re-Architect Web Interfaces using extJS , angularJS, client side MVC etc.
  • Extend web Interfaces to mobile devices
  • Optimize User Experience
  • Replace reporting and query interface
  • Re-Architect Business Architecture and Process
  • Optimize Business Process – Cycle time reduction
  • Automate Business Process activities and tasks using BPM Solutions
  • Rewrite application in newer technology (as-is migration)
  • Re-Architect application (rebuild it differently)
  • Implement a SaaS Solution (third Party)
  • Lift and Shift Application to a cloud
  • Redesign the Information Model
  • Migrate to a modern database or NoSQL
  • Migrate legacy integration technology stack
  • Build re-usable shared services
  • Replace Infrastructure
  • Optimize Data Center using virtualization or cloud technologies
  • Improve or Augment Security standards and tools

Our Services

  • Discovery and health assessment: Provides an accurate understanding of the legacy systems, thereby enabling us to develop the architecture, strategy, roadmap and business case around modernization.
  • Business rules mining: Extracts business requirements from software applications, recasting them in natural or formal language, and storing them in a rules repository for further analysis or forward engineering.
  • Remediation services: Enhances application functionality, making applications easier to maintain and part of a highly scalable framework.
  • Re-platform services: Moves applications to newer, less expensive and more efficient technology platforms.
  • Migration services: Migrates technology/applications to a standards-based environment in a manner that delivers maximum benefits while minimizing disruption to the business