Enterprises are moving fast to transform into a service orientation so that they can maintain their competitive advantage and innovation. By implementing a virtualized IT architecture, such as a service-oriented architecture (SOA) or an event driven architecture (EDA), organizations can improve the performance of their business processes today and have a flexible, reliable, low-cost infrastructure on which to modernize and plan future investment, which may include items such as improved digital customer experiences, mobility solutions and easier integration of business partners. The flexibility that an SOA or EDA provides also helps organizations to stay aligned with business needs, responding more quickly and proactively.

IT People can help you to understand the service lifecycle and how to transform your infrastructure and processes to leverage an SOA or EDA.

Business Benefits

  • Greater alignment between IT and business
  • Increased IT flexibility and business agility
  • Dynamic, real-time response to business and system events
  • Reduced costs through reuse and elimination of duplicate assets
  • Easier integration with partners and customers
  • Longer life span of applications

Our Services

  • Enterprise-wide service strategy and architecture development
  • Business process domain modeling
  • Technical reference architecture—taxonomy, versioning, patterns
  • Service solution architecture to address specific programs or problems
  • Investigation and service portfolio definition
  • Governance and competency establishment
  • Early adopter via proof-of-concepts and pilots
  • Service design and development
  • Service-based testing strategy and delivery
  • Consultation on Red Hat middleware solutions