The business intelligence available to enterprises today is a highly strategic asset that can help organizations to be more competitive and grow. Many organizations’ existing information management architectures and technologies are simply not equipped to handle the capture, storing, aggregation, processing and reporting requirements for today’s Big Data, especially considering that more and more data important to organizations is generated outside the company.

Big Data analytics (and the associated data sciences) is an area that companies must invest in to gain insight about their environment, customers, partners, market strategy and product innovation. IT People can support your Big Data and analytics initiatives by providing strategy, architecture and a phased implementation model. With our experienced pool of application and database developers and partners, we apply the latest advancements around data science to model complex problems and extract the insights your business needs.

Business Benefits

  • Greater insight into data patterns that enable better business decisions
  • Better resource allocation through identification of peak service trends
  • Identify customers with the most potential or actual value
  • Identify customer needs for new products or enhancements
  • Deliver real-time, personalized recommendations to customers based on loyalty and buying patterns
  • Identify spikes in logistics costs to improve system operations and fault management
  • Identify new revenue streams

Our Services


Discovery and Health Assessment
  • Provide an accurate understanding of the environment, thereby enabling us to develop the architecture, strategy, roadmap and business case around optimization
Architecture and Roadmap Services
  • Review the current level of analytics within the organization, analyses business capability needs and build an information architecture to accomplish those needs including the identification of pilots and proof-of-concepts
Master data management
  • Provide services to cleanse and de-duplicate key business information data and generate Master and Reference data
  • Review business requirements and develop algorithms and queries to process structured and unstructured data either in real time or batch to generate critical business insights including making real-time recommendations
Analysis and Reporting
  • Develop business intelligence and analytical reports through the creations of appropriate universes and developing reporting and visualization templates
Competency Establishment
  • Define or refine the processes necessary to have a successful migration through the establishment of governance, mentoring, pilots and best practices
Technology and Architecture Consultation & Application Development
  • Consult on NOSQL technologies such as NeoDB, Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, etc.
  • Provide test management of NoSQL based applications
  • Define and implementing Hadoop architectures
  • Provide MongoDB application development services tailored to your needs
  • Build new applications based on hybrid architectures and provide support for analytics

Our Big Data and Analytics Partners

  • EMC
  • Hortonworks
  • Ixsight
  • RedHat